Jot down notes and ideas on the go

Organize your personal life, student life, or work life in one place.

Jot down notes and ideas on the go

Tira will remember your ideas for you. Make notes of anything you want, whether it’s a list of chores you need to do, a list of attractions you want to visit when you go travelling, or a reminder for a doctor’s appointment. We’ve got you covered.

Get organized

Create different boards for different aspects of your life. Keep everything neatly organized, manageable, and in one place. You’re in control.

Track your tasks

Managing your tasks and projects is no easy feat. On Tira, you get a full view of everything so you know exactly what’s going on and what you need to do.

Invite anyone

Invite your friends and family to chat and work on tasks together. Get things done together.

Achieve your goals

With Tira, you can break down your big goals into small manageable tasks. Simplify your work and stay on track.

Get creative

Write essays, scripts, articles, books, poems, and whatever else comes to mind. There’s no page or word limit so let your creativity flow.

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