Hire without the hassle

Recruitment doesn’t have to be challenging and time consuming. Tira is here to help.

Streamline your hiring process

Accelerate your hiring process by facilitating candidate reviews and preparing for interviews in Tira.

Simple communication

You don’t have to switch between apps to get work done: you can chat with colleagues while also switching between the calendar and tasks.

All files in one place

Got dozens of CVs to sort through? No problem. On Tira, you can send files up to 250mb at any time to your colleagues to get everyone on track.

Keep track of key dates

Our team calendar let’s you sync essential task due dates, meetings and interviews.

Make onboarding easier

Create a group chat solely to onboard new hires.
New employees can also scroll through chats to catch up on projects or discussions. Getting the new hires up to speed is made simple with Tira.

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