Introducing Tira – Startups Success Software, Simplified

November 3, 2021

Introducing Tira – Startups Success Software, Simplified

Tira provides workspace and tools at your service for every entrepreneur and startup while saving a lot of costs and eliminating any hassle from switching between different platforms to manage your business.

Manage your Business with these Startup Tools

Tira is a platform that involves a variety of tools that every team, startup, or business needs. Tools like communication, project management, task management, and a team calendar. The Tira workspace combines all apps needed to manage businesses, boost productivity and increase startup visibility. Tira provides startup tools that are essential to every business.

A deeper look at Tira’s features


Create group chats to organize work, projects, and teams. By creating separate chats for a specific topic or purpose, it is possible to achieve a comfortable working environment.  Direct message any member in your workspace and ensure that everyone is up to date on tasks, upcoming deadlines, and calendar schedules.


Manage boards, create tasks, and generate a better workflow. Drag and drop tasks to chats to instantly discuss and edit them with your team. Create milestones to track project progress and ensure that you're on the right track. With Tira, you’re able to run your projects and manage your tasks in a seamless manner.


Arrange meetings, celebrations, and get-togethers. Task due dates are automatically imported from boards into the calendar so you can stay on top of your work. Get tasks done and always be on track.

How will Tira help startups and small teams?

Startups and small teams normally need to sign up for multiple platforms in order to get work done. Subscription fatigue occurs when you use one or two features on one platform and then have to sign up to another platform to use the other features you require. Furthermore, switching between several tools for the sake of completing a single activity is extremely inconvenient. For example, using Slack to discuss a specific task and then having to switch to Trello or Notion to view the task is time-consuming and it’s easy for information to get lost.

Tira solves these issues by integrating messaging with boards for a more productive task discussion.

Another issue when it comes to using multiple platforms is the high costs that accumulate when paying for so many apps. This can be incredibly costly, especially for startups and small teams where the company budget is limited. Currently, Tira offers three different plans: a free plan, a premium plan (3,99€ per user/month), and a customizable plan for bigger teams.

In summary, users can avoid high costs and wasted time by signing up for Tira. Tira has been created to provide the necessary features that every startup and small team needs.