How we stay productive at Tira (Tips to boost team productivity)

Ines Fener
August 23, 2022

In today's fast-paced work environments, simply showing up to your office isn't enough. To succeed and thrive at your job, you have to get things done. It’s only natural that on some days you’ll be more productive than other teammates, and vice versa. But, how can you get yourself out of the procrastination slump?

We at Tira have been actively finding ways to boost our productivity and stay on track.

In this post, we’re going to give you an inside look into how our team manages to stay productive at work and give you tips on how you and your team can become more productive.

1. We limit meetings

Have you ever been in a meeting that could have been an email? Well, we do our best to try and avoid this.

If a meeting can be a message, we’ll send the message.

Unnecessary meetings are a massive waste of time. At Tira, we only have meetings when it’s an absolute necessity. For example, the marketing team has one set meeting a week to plan marketing activities and align on projects. Having meetings any more frequently than this would almost certainly be a waste of time for us.

We keep the meetings short and straight to the point so that we can get back to working on our tasks.

Time is of the essence and we do everything to avoid wasting it.

2. We have a hybrid working model

People work best in different environments. Some thrive when working in the office and others are able to focus more when working from home.

At Tira, we choose where we want to work from. We've discovered that having the freedom to work from wherever we want fosters trust, boosts team morale, and boosts team productivity.

3. We set goals (and review them)

It's easy to get lost and lose sight of the big picture if you don't have a goal to work towards.

It’s super important to have direction.

We set specific goals and work towards them. Goals help us maintain our focus and avoid losing sight of our vision. Being able to track our progress toward our goals is extremely beneficial to maintaining our productivity.

4. We take breaks

We’ll admit it, this is still a work in progress. Sometimes we get so caught up in our work, we forget to take breaks. But, this is a habit we’ve collectively been trying to get rid of. Breaks are important and we all benefit from taking a step back away from the hustle and bustle to take a moment for ourselves.

At Tira, we all like to spend our breaks differently. It’s a personal preference! Some of us socialise, some meditate, some go for a walk, and some of us have a quick nap. We find that we’re then able to come back to our desks recharged and with more focus.

5. We keep interruptions to a minimum

With six of us in our small but cozy office, there can occasionally be a lot of discussion and noise. Headphones come in handy when this happens. Some of our team (including myself) like to listen to music when working on a task that requires our full attention. If we see someone with headphones on, we also take it as a sign of “please don’t talk to me - I’m trying to concentrate!”.

If someone needs to make a phone call or have a discussion with another teammate, they’ll usually leave the office and go somewhere else to avoid distracting the others.  

6. We have fun

We’re not serious all the time. Joking around and having a laugh together helps us deal with stress, boosts our team morale, and motivates us to be more productive.

7. We have flexible schedules

We don’t have set work hours. People work best at different times, so as long as we get our work done, it doesn't matter when we do it.

Whether one of us is an early-riser (like Sandra) or a night owl (like myself), we get the work done. It’s all a matter of knowing when you are the most productive.

8. We use productivity software

It probably goes without saying that we use our own productivity software, Tira. Everything we need is there. With chat, task management, project management, and a calendar all in one place, Tira houses all of our messages, tasks, projects, documents, and schedules. We don’t have to waste time switching between apps searching for missing information. Our software makes it easy to collaborate effectively, allows us to know what each teammate is working on, and it lets us know exactly what is going on.

So there you have it! This is how our team maintains work productivity. What works for our team may not work for your team, but it's worth looking into these options to see if they can help boost your team's productivity!