Tira Origins — The What, How, and Why?

November 1, 2021

Tira Genesis

We started with an idea, a few cups of coffee, and slices of cheese. Three friends -a hustler and two nerds- gathered around a table were discussing ways to take over the world but instead came up with an idea to help startups. They had a dream to build a platform that helps startups and entrepreneurs bring ideas to life.

We’ve had so many experiences in startups and there was one question we kept asking ourselves: how can we truly help startups? We wanted to take from our experiences are build something more, something revolutionary. We wanted to build something that would change how we view business collaboration permanently. It was a grand idea, but we wanted to take the leap.

We realised that creating something that any and all startups can benefit from is not an easy thing to do. It’s a huge commitment and if it has to be done, it should be done carefully and 100% thoroughly. That’s where Tira was born: from one startup to another, we wanted to help.

With such a big task ahead, we needed a simple vision, a simple objective.

“We wanted to create a platform that brings startups together in one place. A place that is hassle-free, budget-friendly and a place that has a sense of community to it” Sami, co-founder at Tira said.

But Why Tira?

There are so many tools in the market like Slack, Trello, Asana, Monday, Calendar apps, etc. Most of these tools are great and they serve the purpose but they don’t fully meet the needs of startups. Average startups need at least 5 different tools or apps to manage their business. An app for managing tasks (e.x. Trello, etc.), business communication (e.x Slack, Telegram, etc..) and team management app, video conferences, and many more. Most of these platforms are not catered particularly for startups but rather for everyone, for organisations, for baseball teams, for classrooms. This causes problems when you need some specific functionality to your startup.

Tira is not Just Another Productivity Tool

Users normally spend so much money paying different platforms to use a feature or two and then switch to another to do the same. Not only that it creates subscription fatigue but also hassle when switching between different apps to manage one business. That’s where we’ve realised how GoStartup can change that and offer a solution. It’s a platform that aspires to combine the best features suitable for a startup. A place that emphasises productivity and agility. A chat integrated with project management features, calendar and other cool in-built tools. An innovative workspace with great features all works in harmony to make your workload so much simpler.

Tira is built to be a budget-friendly platform for startups. Its vision is to be the Startup OS. This is not an easy thing to do but we believe that we have what it takes to make that happen; after all, we gotta believe.

How Tira is Helping Startups?

It’s not about the cool features but how Tira can really help startups and change how they do work. Having cool useful features is essential but it’s not what drives Tira. It’s about the will to make a change and actually do help startups. It’s all about how to transform the way people do work, communicate, manage and discuss things.

We’ve talked to tons of startups and entrepreneurs and we’ve listened to each and every one of them. We wanted to create a space where startups can feel a sense of belonging, where they can communicate, work and get things done under one roof. A startup haven if you must say!

We are excited to announce that Tira is in Beta now!