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Sandra D
November 2, 2021

How Tira is a Better Slack and Trello Alternative

If you’re looking for a way to manage your team all in one place, then you’ve found the right app. Tira is an all-in-one platform that offers channels, task management, automated workflows, and more.

In this article, you will learn how Tira is a better Slack and Trello alternative. We often think of tools as ways to make our lives easier. In reality, though, they can be quite overwhelming and distracting. We conducted a survey with all sorts of startups, gathering their insights and preferences when working together with a team. We were searching for the main causes for low productivity in startups when using productivity tools.

We found interesting results summarising some of the major issues startups face. Startups normally have to subscribe to different tools to manage the same task or work and subscription fatigue is a major issue that startups often encounter. A business might need to subscribe to one platform just to use one of the features and then compensate for the missing features of that by subscribing to another. Of course, in a world where time is money, startups need a new approach to better overcome such scenarios.

Tira tackles all these issues at once.

No more subscription fatigue.

No more miscommunication.

No more multi-platform chaos.

Tira is a one-stop platform that offers a complete range of project management services to help you collaborate with your team.

We’ve got 4 main functionalities that simplify your busy business life: Business Messaging, Task Management, Team Management, and Calendar. When you’ve got these all combined in one workspace, you won’t even have to leave the app to run your company on a daily basis.

Tira is empowering startups.

Tira provides a workspace that promises productivity and agility for teams to get work done. In other words, it is designed to help startups and founders to facilitate and simplify the workload. It is a one-stop space that allows startups to run projects, manage people, collaborate, and access a team calendar and more.

Tira understands that team collaboration is the foundation of businesses

Business messaging and collaboration tools (like milestones and task overviews) are two of the most used tools in startups. Tira is unique in their seamless provision of both of these, at the same time. On top of that, we’ve realised that there’s a need for the feature to help startups manage their team with ease. The Tira People App helps you do just this: it ensures that everyone in your team is on the same page using milestones, task summaries, and due dates. We at Tira understand the importance of keeping everyone on track and updated because team work makes the dream work, right?

We are not Slack nor Trello. We are much more than that.

Tira Is A better Slack and Trello Alternative. We are a new home for startups.

Tira provides all features need in a workspace at one price. Try our free plan now!