"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." Steve Jobs

Our story

In early 2020, we started with an idea, a few cups of coffee, and slices of cheese.  A hustler and two nerds had a dream to build a platform that helps startups and entrepreneurs bring ideas to life.

In 2021, we were finally able to make that dream a reality.

Our values

Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler
Forget about excess, we care about simple solutions. We as humans are streamlining our daily lives and to keep evolving, simplicity is key.

Care personally, challenge directly
We want to strike the balance between empathy and getting-stuff-done. 

Customer precedes all else, other things will follow
Putting customers at the forefront of our decisions, our interactions, and our beliefs helps shape a truly effective long-term strategy.

Be the crazy ones, sometimes crazier
Innovation doesn’t come from the normal. You need to get out there, be creative, be inspiring.
We celebrate craziness because that’s what drives the world forward.

What is Tira?

Tira is a software designed to help startups and teams manage projects, organize work, and collaborate seamlessly in order to boost productivity.

“This is the type of product we need in the modern world. Fast and efficient, to catch up with the pace. Functionality, features, and community. It’s all there within one platform. Loved it from top to bottom.”

Sean - SafeTalk

Tira is growing. Grow with us.

We are growing and we want you to join our team!

Current open positions

If you love what we are doing and want to join the team, message or send us an email and tell us why you would be a good fit.
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